Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Stolen, you say?

It seems the misinformation campaign continues with regards to the Israel and Gaza situation and so I continue swimming against the tide in what is probably a vain effort alongside other bloggers such as Nourishing Obscurity.

It is said that history is written by the victors. As a statement it is only half true. The other truth is that some people try and rewrite and repurpose history for modern aims. Israel / Palestine is one that undergoes many a rewrite, usually by those who only want to see the Palestinian side of events and who care not that it is infinitely more complex than that.

It's begun to come to the fore again as a form of rationale for the rocket attacks from Gaza. Usually the rocket and mortar tacks are downplayed and once again mainstream media outlets have played a pretty disgraceful role in that. Their usual line to take has been to run with the narrative that it all started when Israel retaliated. Although they tried to advance that narrative around the broken ceasefire recently, on the whole it's been a little tougher to downplay the rocket attacks. The story of the attacks has got out more than previously and there's a more of a consensus that Hamas is has overplayed its hand this time. That consensus has made it a little difficult amongst the general Israel bad / Palestine good crowd to defend Hamas when the rocket attacks are brought up in the argument.

But they try.

They try and take the position that Hamas has no option but to shoot rockets from at Israel and in particular from civilian areas because the Israelis stole their land and penned them into squalid conditions. That's the logic, Israel stole the land and keep stealing it. That's the simple logic they want you to have in your head that justifies anything they do in Palestine.

Except it's not true. You don't have to take my word for - you can look it up yourself. Heck that's what I want you to do, so that when the pub bore amongst your mates starts coming off all Yasser Arafat on you and your mates you've got something to challenge him on.

What they'll try and do is try to talk about the period before the official formation of the state of Israel. Why? Well partly because they find it hard to admit that Israel was willing to accept getting shafted on the original, accepted a smaller chunk of land and still got attacked because their neighbours didn't want to give the Jews even one square metre of land.

So they talk about the bit beforehand, because they know that not too many people will know what really happened and that allows them to advance their narrative largely unopposed.

So just in case they decide to go their, take a look at this rather interesting summary of the history of the land from a time they'd hope you'd forget.

Early Palestine

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Check for yourself

It's been saddening recently to see my Facebook feed become increasingly populated by misinformed posts about the Gaza situation. Saddened for many reasons including the fact that many of these are intelligent people. Why it saddens me is because whilst I accept people are entitled to their opinion, so much of what I've seen is off the back of error riddled details and in some cases downright manipulated facts and images. Too many of these intelligent people are simply trotting out someone else's manipulative propaganda. Propaganda from those supposedly on the side of Gaza who are quite comfortable with the idea of dead  Gazans because  of the propaganda value they provide.

As Golda Meir once said "Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more that they hate us"

What's particularly saddened me, is that's it's all over my Facebook feed and the reality is I cannot really debate them. It's an exercise in futility for too many. Theirs isn't a question but a statement, one that I suspect there's no moving them from. I suspect that if I leave well alone, it will move on, but if I were to put something opposing to that, I would draw all sorts of additionally misinformed hellfire. It's a hallmark of the left v right in politics. Those on the conservative/libertarian right think you're entitled to an opinion whilst those on the left think counter opinion should be vociferously shut down.

The one that prompted me to post this morning was the infamous one in which Israel is "compared" (and I mean that very loosely) with South Africa and Nazi Germany and labelled as a third apartheid state.

I've come to the conclusion there going to be lots of this trotting out of dross and you, dear readers are also going to come across it from friends who will peddle it like it was a fact they have personal knowledge of.

My suggestion is to gently press back. When you hear it - ask questions.

When you hear the apartheid state myth - ask them to elaborate and explain. They probably can't (which will tell you so much). Ask them too to explain why this apartheid state has Arabs in its Parliament, and Arab Drs in its hospitals and Arabs in its infrastructure. Ask if Arabs are allowed to own property in Israel. Then ask them, how many Israelis and Jews are permitted the same rights in Gaza.

When you hear the idea the number of civilians killed in air strikes, ask them to explain how people came to be in those houses when they received a phone call from Israel beforehand telling them to evacuate followed up by the "hard knock" device to show a bomb was coming. If they try and tell you that warning isn't long enough, ask why the people in the town of Sderot managed to find shelter in the 10 seconds they get when another missile comes in from Gaza. If they tell you that most missiles fall harmlessly ask them how that makes it alright, when the intention was far different. If you want ask them that if you hung out of your back bedroom windows shooting at all the neighbouring houses, would it make it okay if you failed to hit anyone? Ask them too if they know how many of the missiles from Gaza fell inside its own territory. Ask them too about the missile that took out one of the Israeli power lines that provided Gaza with electricity.

If they complain about the occupation of Gaza by Israel, ask them what occupation? If Israel had already been occupying Gaza with its forces why did they have to launch a ground operation from outside Gaza? Ask them if they knew that in the past Israel had once occupied Gaza and pulled out in an effort to develop peace and was met in return by nothing but a barrage of mortars and missiles.

If they complain about the blockade and that Israel doesn't let goods in, ask them to explain that. Ask them what they know about the dual use restrictions because this is what Israel is blocking. Dual use restrictions are those things that could have a military as well as a civilian use and these include buildi building materials. They're not banned, the truck driver just has to have a permit by the proper authorities that states what the material will be used for and where it's going. Also ask them what it is about Gaza that even the Egyptians feel compelled to keep their border with Gaza closed too.

These are just a few.

I'm not saying the situation between Israel and Gaza isn't terrible and the loss of life isn't a tragedy beyond belief. My point is that it isn't as straightforward as many people believe, a situation exacerbated by biased viewpoints from the left dominated BBC and it's print version the Guardian. Both these outlets have a habit of leaving key details out, that serve only to misinform. There are other   facts and details that too many leave out which draw fair minded people to draw simplistic conclusions at best and at worst open to simply repeating the deliberate lies of those who want to keep people misinformed because it creates the very results I've just mentioned.

Form your opinion yes and be entitled to it. Just don't do the dirty work of  liars for them, nor let your friends. You won't solve this by jumping on their bandwagon because they have something much darker in mind than a simple peace agreement. Take a look for yourself,

Monday, 9 June 2014

Welcome to our world

Just watching tonight's BBC news and the story about the effort to prevent the ascension of Juncker and Cameron's supposed opposition to it. Cameron's comment made me smile. First he gets the idea wrong that somehow the correct process isn't being followed. Well on that front he should visit the blog of one of his constituents over at  Witterings from Witney for a simple lesson in how Frau Merkel is correct in her assertion that Britain doesn't understand the rules. Secondly he bemoans the fact that somehow it wasn't fair that the leaders of constituent countries don't have the say they should be having.

I know you what you mean Dave. It's a proper bitch isn't it having your views ignored by those running the show?

Welcome to our world.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Thank you

I write this brief entry with tears in my eyes. I have just been watching the coverage of today's D-Day ceremony.  I have just witnessed possibly the most humbling thing I will hear.  Three men, veterans who are in their twilight, who owe us nothing, yet who we owe them everything, talking about their duty even today.  Not the duty they had years ago, but the duty they feel they have today.

That duty is to return to Normandy as often as possible to remember their friends.  Those who went ashore or descended from the sky to defend to keep a nation they never saw again, free.

Reflect on that for a while.  Their sense of ongoing duty should humble us all.  The only thing I can say thank you.

If you see someone who stood up to be counted when our nation called, please take the time to say thank you.  Let them know that for all our country is but a shadow of what they hoped their sacrifice would deliver, it was not totally in vain.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nice job

It was heart warming to see after my last post that people turned out for the funeral of World War 2 pilot, George Thompson.

World War Two Pilot Funeral

Hat tip also to James Higham for tweeting to promote the call.

There's little to say other than thank you to those who were able to go and say thank you to one of our greatest generation. I have lots of thoughts on this, but they're not for here. Not today. Just to say that we should be happy at this small sign, this small glimmer, of hope that the real Britain is still alive.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pass it On.

Another one of our greatest generation has passed from our midst.


George Thompson who served his country in the RAF has died with no relatives and very few friends. The local RAF association have asked for members of the public to attend his final sortie.

His funeral will take place Friday May 30th at 3.30 at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium.

I am just trying to do my bit to spread the word so that those who can attend and remember the passing of those who stood in harm's way to protect us may do so.

Please feel free to pass this notice along.

Thank you.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Palpable Fear

Well, the results are pretty much finalised across Europe and it's clear something is happening. Although I think some of the pundits are getting ahead of themselves, playing numbers games, it's evident the apple cart has been upset.

I suspect someone's worst fears are coming true. They feared it before the election. I've been critical of  UKIP and remain so for a variety of reasons. However what went before the elections in terms of the slew of stories and adverse publicity being run endlessly, looked like a coordinated stitch up job. Someone wanted them stopped.

Yet it failed. What happened spoke to something I've often talked about. What the result started to demonstrate was that in the right mind, the sovereign people can make all the best laid plans of the self regarding elite irrelevant. It seems apt that last night, the TV laid on V for Vendetta. At the end in which the best laid plans melted into nothing, because the people chose not to heed the message and followed their own minds. Just as in the movie, this weeks voters, just swamped the barricades and made their game irrelevant.

There are some worrying signs across Europe with the rise of some more extremist elements, with some very dark views. I worry about that and I hope they fizzle out as I have no truck with extremism of any ilk. However I think some of their rise was inevitable and their success is the product of hard left thinking. For many years good, ordinary decent people of all social classes had concerns about the way things were going in their nations as groups looked to smash the nation state concept. Those good people tried to ask fair questions about the people coming into their nations only to have political correctness shout them down and treat them like pariahs to cower them into submission. They left it open for those with darker ambitions to exploit those good people as the seemingly only open outlet for those ambitions. It didn't have to be this way if fair and honest debate had been permitted. But it wasn't and now we see what we see.

What will follow I cannot say, but I suspect there are lots of frantic calls, meetings and murmurings today and in the days to follow. My fervent hope is that what follows will be for good and the start of a return to legal, decent, open and honest democracy.